How does it work? Let us walk you through our repair process from start to finish.

Collision repair can seem like a complicated and, at times, intimidating process. While each repair is different, JRA Collision Center has a straightforward procedure for diagnosing, servicing, and delivering the vehicles that are entrusted to our business. Our repair process is outlined below. Transparency is important to us. If you have any questions, before, during, or after we service your vehicle, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to show you what we are doing at every step along the way.

1) Disassembly – When your vehicle arrives at JRA Collision Center, we photograph, then disassemble the damaged sections of the vehicle; and do a thorough assessment of the damage, and evaluate the work that needs to be done.


2) Complete Estimate – With the assessment of damaged components complete, we compile a detailed estimate of the cost for the repair.




3) Order Parts – Once the estimate is complete, and the repairs are agreed upon with the customer and/or the insurance company, JRA will order all of the parts necessary to complete the repair. JRA only uses the highest quality replacement parts, adhering to your insurance policy guidelines, and the manufacturer recommendations.

4) Replace and Repair Damaged Components – When the replacement parts are received, we can begin the task of completing the repair. The amount of time this takes depends on a number of factors including the extent of the damage, the type of vehicle, and the availability of materials. We will give you an estimated amount of time, and we will communicate with you if there are deviations from the original timeline.

5) Structural Analysis – During the repairs, we do a complete structural analysis and computer assisted frame scan to ensure that your vehicle meets the manufacturers road worthiness standards and is ready to drive.





6) Refinish – Once we’ve confirmed that your car is mechanically sound, we will make sure it also looks the part. Depending on the nature of your repair, our refinish process involves repainting, color matching, buffing, waxing, etc. Each vehicle we service will receive a complimentary wash as well as an interior cleaning, to restore it to pre-accident condition.


7) Quality Assurance (QA) – After your vehicle has been repaired and refinished, we complete one more QA check to ensure it meets our high standards for quality. Quality Assurance includes a visual inspection, a thorough systems check, road testing, and a post-repair diagnostic scan.

8) Delivery – Once we’ve confirmed that your vehicle is road ready and meets our standards, we will contact you to setup delivery. Upon pick-up, we will review your repairs in detail and answer any questions you might have.