JRA Collision Center offers occasional discounts and deals to save you money or give you a little more during your repair. Check below for the latest deals. Click each button for a printable version of the coupon. Coupon must be printed and presented in person at the shop in order to be honored:


Military Discount – 5% off deductible or out of pocket repair over $1,000

Free Wash and Wax with repair of $500 or more

$100 off your deductible

One day free car rental for repairs over $500

College Discount – $50 prepaid Visa gift card on repairs over $1,000

*All offers are independent of each other and cannot be combined with any other offer. In the case of the free one day car rental, the vehicle type is at JRA Collision Center’s discretion. The free wash and wax with repairs over $500 is only for out of pocket repairs, and does not apply to claims/repairs being handled through the insurance company. For college and military discounts, a valid ID showing proof of service/enrollment must be presented. In all cases, the coupon MUST be present when the vehicle is dropped off at the shop or the discount/offer will not be honored.